23 April 2014 by Stuart Buchanan

Capturing Cape Town: Photos by Jeremy Deputat

South Africans have long known that Cape Town and its inhabitants are highly photogenic. And so it gives us a quiet sense of pride when visitors to the Mother City discover this for themselves, and share it with the rest of the world.

Mr Micheloro at the Nwambo Cape African Market. Image courtesy of thehundreds.com

That's exactly what American photographer Jeremy Deputat did during his brief time here. On assignment to shoot pictures of Eminem's first-ever tour to South Africa in February 2014, he hit the streets and captured the mood in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

'I really enjoy shooting street scenes, images that capture the city, landscape, everyday people going about their business,' he says on thehundreds.com.

Whenever major artists are performing in Cape Town, they almost always stay at the ultra-luxurious One&Only Cape Town hotel, located at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Everyone from Eminem to Bruce Springsteen to Justin Bieber have been spotted admiring the views from here.

The view from the One&Only Hotel. Image courtesy of thehundreds.com

'Although I’ve been around the world a few times, Cape Town has to be one the most beautiful places I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to,' says Deputat

The view of the Atlantic Seaboard, from a yacht sailing the Atlantic. Image courtesy of thehundreds.com

Three Anchor Bay at sunset. Image courtesy of thehundreds.com

Deputat's photos of Cape Town certainly have a sense of authenticity to them. From highlighting some of the major tourist attractions, to revealing the joys of exploring on your own steam, they bring Cape Town to life. See more of them here.

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