11 January 2017

Brilliant Backpacking along the Garden Route

South Africa is the ultimate destination for wanderlusters looking to backpack their way through the adventure of a lifetime. The country is renowned for scenic beauty, friendly people and sun-soaked coastlines. What better place to set off on a backpacking adventure than the spectacular Garden Route in the Western Cape.

Let it be the canvas of your journey like Kash Bhattacharya who began his adventure at  Chinsta in the Eastern Cape and went all the way along the Western Cape coastline to end up in Cape Town.  This led him to put together an impressive guide to packing in South Africa, covering the best accommodation, routes, and unforgettable experiences.

Here are a few of his stops:



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“The perfect way to start your day in Chintsa is to go for a walk along the beach at dawn (it’s right on the doorstep of the hostel). Check out the beach horse trail (R350/€33 – 3.5 hours long) that leaves from the hostel at sunrise, before enjoying your breakfast and coffee on the sun terrace.”

“ The craft beer revolution has come to Chintsa, and there is a fantastic local brewery, the Emerald Vale Craft Brewery. There you can get a tour of the factory and afterwards have a few tastings before hopping back onto the bus feeling refreshed “ he says.

Port Alfred, Bathurst, Grahamstown

“Port Alfred is a sleepy little town with magnificent sand dunes, which makes it popular with sand boarders. The frontier town of Bathurst is just a 15-minute drive from Port Alfred on the R67 to Grahamstown, and it’s here you can visit the historic Pig and Whistle Inn. It’s a family run Inn, and the onsite pub is the oldest continuously licensed pub in South Africa.”

Follow the whole journey stop by beautiful stop...

Kash continues to share his experiences in Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth, Tsitsikamma, Plettenberg Bay and Knysna and Hermanus before heading on the home stretch to Cape Town.

The guide will have you itching to put on your backpack and discover the secrets of the Garden Route for yourself. Check out the rest of his journey and read The Backpackers Guide to South Africa 

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