15 November 2011 by Robyn Campbell

Blend and bottle your own wine

If you feel like doing something a little different on the weekend, then head off to Overhex Private Cellar where, from 3 to 22 December, you can blend, bottle, and label your own wine!

Overhex is a Worcester based consortium that specialises in blending and bottling wine for export. As such, they have access to tons of grapes sourced from across the Cape winelands. What’s more, all their grapes are certified Fair Trade.

Going out for a day of tasting wine is one thing but being able to muck-in and create a personal wine blend makes for a fun and unusual experience - that’s if you don’t mind a bit of a lucky dip as the wines available, usually reds,  differ from week to week.

The cost to create your own wine is just R50 per bottle, and a wine maker or assistant wine maker is on hand to make sure you don’t botch your Bordeaux blend.

It’s all good fun, and you’re able to personalise the label as you prefer, whether you’re inspired to plaster a bottle of cab sav with a photo of your Dearly Beloved, or create a bottle of Monster-in-Law merlot.

Personally, since wine is my favorite way to achieve a state of catatonic relaxation, I’d create a series of cat inspired blends (yes, I know it’s revoltingly unoriginal and kitsch); but since it’s my wine indulge me here, ok?

So my two moggies are called Liquorice (aka Fat Boy) and Mouse. Fat Boy, is a large black couch potato, with a purr like a Chevy small-block V8, for whom life is one long snooze punctuated by ‘bouts of Grand Theft Kitty Kibble from his petite sibling, interspersed with a lengthy and woeful chorus to anyone who’ll listen about the famished conditions under which he’s forced to eke out an existence.

Mouse (aka Pixie), on the other hand, is a thimble-size, never-sit-still tabby whose favourite place to lurk is beneath the raspberry bush where she can ambush Indian Mynah’s.

With my Fat Boy Shiraz, I’d hope to create a food lovers wine; scarlet in colour with dark fruit flavours, and on the palate, smooth subtle hints of smoke and spice - perfect for pairing with a packet of lamb stew flavour Whiskers.

For Mouse, I’d create Pixie’s Pinotage Rose - elegantly pink and packed with ripe, succulent berry fruits (in honour of her favourite hiding place) balanced by crisp acid, to match her with a tart persona. It would, I’m certain, be a match made in heaven for a summer salad of pan-seared Mynah with raspberry vinaigrette….

For more information on the Overhex wine blending experience contact
Email: elizmari@overhex.com
Tel: +27 (0)23 347 6838
Fax: +27 (0)23 347 6828
Mobile: +27 (0)84 998 7865
Web: www.overhex.com

P.S. No birds were harmed (or ever will be) in the writing of this blog.

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