05 January 2012 by Denise Slabbert

Best pedi this side of Table Mountain

A fascination with the human foot and some complex aspects of the science of podiatry.

A pedicure is a pedicure is a pedicure … or so I thought. That was before I had heard of the Bastien Gonzalez pedicure on offer at the One&Only Spa in Cape Town.

So who is Bastien Gonzalez?

Well, this one-time skiing champion is apparently the ‘foot guru’ to the stars.The story goes that after a skiing injury he met up with a Parisian podiatrist who helped in his rehabilitation (Gonzalez went on to further excel on the slopes).

As a result, Gonzalez became fascinated with the human foot and began to study the more complex aspects of the science of podiatry. He then combined elements of problem-solving podiatry with the beauty aspects of foot-care and created boutique studios around the world specialising in pedicures.

The Bastien Gonzalez studio at the One&Only is a one of it’s kind in Africa.

So what’s so special about a Bastien Gonzalez treatment?

Kim Milton, Manager of the Bastien Gonzalez studio at the One&Only Cape Town, says that the pedicure is very unique in that there is no harsh abrasive filing (as with your usual garden-variety pedicure). Instead sterilized tools are utilized to remove all the unwanted skin and horrid unmentionables like bunions and callouses. This is followed by twenty-minute calf and foot massage designed to increase skin elasticity. The Nail Brightness Pearly Buffing Cream completes the spectacular treatment and clients are also introduced to home treatments in order to keep their feet in top condition.

Milton says, ‘Podiatry is so much more than sorting out unsightly foot problems, it deals with the concept that the feet are the body’s foundation and if these are healthy and well-kept, so the body is off to a good start”.

(The good news is that Bastian Gonzalez studios also offer manicures.)

The Bastien Gonzalez studio at the One&Only is a one of it’s kind in Africa and regulars are more than happy to jump on a plane and head to Cape Town to enjoy the best pedicure on the continent. Who knew?

For more details or to book your One&Only Spa treatment call: +27(0)21 431 5810 or email spa.reservations@oneandonlycapetown.com



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