03 January 2012 by Dianne Tipping-Woods

Beautiful things I love

Today, I was inspired by Sarah Britten’s post on loving our possessions. As a new year of exciting art and entertainment events unfolds, it got me thinking about what makes me love the ‘things’ I love.

I’m not really a ‘things’ person - I generally prefer to do stuff than to have stuff. I have also moved 6 (or was it 7) times in the last 4 years and with each move, have whittled my ‘things’ down to what really matters to me.

My husband - an even bigger fan of living lightly than I am - would be fine with his guitar, binos and a beautifully made wire aardvark that we got from friends at Mapungubwe, when we got married there. I also love his guitar and binos and aardvark - for the music he gives me, the way he sees the world and, for reminding me of the day we said our vows in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

The next ‘thing’ that comes to mind is my beautiful art deco-ish fish. It was my grans and she was able to buy it because it has a flaw. But I don’t see its flaw. I see its light and beauty and the shine of my gran’s hair in its purple/silver glass.

{image_1}I bought this painting in Mozambique, after flying in to be with J. on his birthday. We had just eaten prawns at a side walk café. The air was warm and balmy, sighing with romance. It was a beautiful night - and this is a beautiful painting that reflects the colour and warmth of that evening.

I call them my ‘faces’. My dad bought them in Zimbabwe for me on my 16th birthday, knowing my love for art and, knowing my many faces, at that stage better than I did myself. This hanging says you can be a dozen different people and still hand together in some coherent way. And be loved.{image_2}

I am also really fond of the blue stone plates that I got from my mom when I left home. They had belonged to her mom and,when I took them with me as I started life on my own, I took some of her strength with me - and lots of her recipes. She was a great cook. So is my mom. I am an average cook. But working on it.{image_3}

My white couch was the first piece of furniture I ever bought. It’s been a bed for dozens of friends and family, ensuring that there was always a place for them in my home and reminding them that there always will be. And its beautiful, albeit a little less white each year.

And I love my book on Leonardo Da Vinci. Like my sister who gave it to me, it’s beautiful, inspiring and makes me feel good. I love the rest of my books too, the shelves and shelves of them, for what they give me, how they teach me and where they take me.

I don’t have any specific ‘thing’ from my brother - which reminds me that memories are perhaps the best things of all to have! I look forward to lots of new ones in 2012.  As Kafka said, anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. Have a beauti-full New Year everyone!



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