17 January 2011 by Kate Turkington

Beach Babes with a difference

We’re very proud of our South African beaches and rightly so, because they’re among the best in the world. Not only because they are stunningly beautiful but also because they are among the least crowded beaches in the world.

The Wild Coast - South Africa’s most beautiful coastline - stretches from the KwaZulu-Natal border towards East London up to the Kei River mouth. Here you’ll find steep cliffs, pounding surf, thick coastal forests, lagoons and sheltered bays. And gorgeous beaches.

And if you do find other creatures lazing on the golden sand, they’re likely not to be human.

Every December holidays for years and years our family has gone down to Mazeppa Bay, an unspoilt Wild Coast paradise with a small family hotel and a few holiday cottages. There’s an old suspension bridge which the fisherman use to cross to the island, and miles of pristine sandy beaches. Often you’ll have the beaches to yourself…except when the cows come down.

Every day, morning and evening, the local cattle mooch and munch their way along the beach, threading between the children building sand castles and the adults snoozing in the sun.

Nobody gives these large docile beach babes a second glance. This has been an equal opportunity beach for centuries. So we all chill out together.

Category: Adventure

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