13 September 2012 by Denise Slabbert

Annalene and her olives

Annalene du Toit is the brains behind the very successful Kloovenburg range of olive oils and olive oil products, which includes some superb body products.

Annalene du Toit, olive entrepreneur extraordinaire

Annalene du Toit has been in love with the humble olive for around 20 years. And the relationship is no 1-way street. This stylish ‘olive entrepreneur’ is behind the success of Kloovenburg wine and olive estate’s olive industry – and her range of olive-based beauty products is making waves in health and beauty circles.

Kloovenburg Olive Oil Scalp Treatment Kloovenburg Olive Oil Scalp Treatment

Situated in Riebeek Valley in the Swartland, Western Cape, Kloovenburg is known for its spectacular olive products, including the Kloovenburg 2004 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which was voted the world’s best certified olive oil in 2004 by ‘L’Extravergine' (a guide to the best olive oils in the world). 

Encouraged by the international attention and accolades, Annalene went on to create a host of olive product lines, including bottled olives, tapenades, sundried olives, smoked olives and olive infusions, as well as quality spices.

Says Annalene: 'Olives happened to me. I am a creative person and enjoy experimenting with different and new techniques. I started bottling olives for the 1st time almost 20 years ago, and all the other products have been gradually added over the years. I am constantly on the lookout for new ideas and new ways of presenting olives. It’s my passion.'

One of her creative endeavours has been the launch of her range of natural olive-based oils, balms, soaps and creams. The project began with Annalene creating a bar of soap from her award-winning olive oil, and after a number of hits and misses, she produced a delicate natural soap that is the foundation of the Kloovenburg Body Range. 

I am constantly on the lookout for new ideas and new ways of presenting olives. It’s my passion.

Kloovenburg Olive Oil Body Butter Kloovenburg Olive Oil Body Butter

After her 1st success in the cosmetics game, she was smitten and decided to take her passion for olives further. She began to work with James Gibson, a cosmetologist, to create a range of body products, starting with a body lotion, body butter and shower gel.

The rest, as they say, is history and the Kloovenburg Body Range now has an extensive range of body products, including a body lotion, body butter, shower gel, heel balm, hand wash, hand cream, a massage oil, and body and bath oil. There are now 18 body products to choose from – not too shabby for someone who started an olive business from her kitchen in order to make a little bit of extra pocket money!

Oh, and Kloovenburg also makes some pretty fabulous wines.

For more information, call Annalene du Toit on +27 (0)22 448 1635 or email info@kloovenburg.com.

The beautiful Kloovenburg farmlands in the Swartland The beautiful Kloovenburg farmlands in the Swartland

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