05 May 2011 by Denise Slabbert

An ashram near you…

South Africa has a varied religious and cultural landscape. In a country where there are 11 offiical languages, all religions and cultures have the space to breathe. We revel in our-multicultural society and learning from others is part of our everyday existence.

For those who would like to visit an ashram while in South Africa, there are a few places to choose from. The Headquarters of the Divine Life Society are situated on a 2.5 hectare property in Reservoir Hills just outside Durban. This serves Durban’s Indian community - known as the largest Indian community outside of India.

Another noteworthy ashram is the Sivananda International Cultural Centre in La Mercy (also in KwaZulu-Natal) with its beautiful prayer hall and myriad of exterior buildings. Regular yoga camps are held here and there’s even a place of mums and babes, which means this is a child-friendly establishment.

The Sivananda School of Yoga in the upmarket suburb of Westcliff in Johannesburg offers yoga classes and meditation sessions throughout the week. The beautiful leafy surroundings of the neighbourhood offer quiet respite from city life. The classes are inexpensive and newcomers are always welcome.

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