17 July 2013 by Denise Slabbert

Amarula pairing

You’ve heard of food and wine pairing ... how about pairing Amarula (a popular South African cream liqueur) with biscotti, fudge and chocolates?

Pairing Amarula with tasty treats introduces taste buds to new levels of decadence

Just when you thought things couldn't get better, the clever peeps at the Amarula Lapa outside Phalaborwa (Limpopo province) have introduced Amarula pairings. A similar idea to food and wine pairings, you can now taste just how versatile Amarula is when paired with a few select treats that include fudge, biscotti and chocolate.

Amarula was voted one of the world’s best liqueur brands by mixologists in a survey done by Drinks International magazine earlier this year.

Lavish Mhlarhi, Brand home Manager for the Amarula Lapa, says: 'The pairing is all about showing the versatility of Amarula when paired with food. The unique, exotic taste of Amarula complements the burst of caramel sugar in the fudge, pecan nuts in the biscotti and the richness of the chocolate.

'People are always interested in new ways to enjoy Amarula, especially in different forms, not just as a drink. It is different; most people have not experienced this type of pairing before.'

Let's take a few steps back for those who don't know what Amarula is: this popular liqueur is made from the marula fruit that is found so abundantly across the Limpopo province and other parts of South Africa. Marketed as 'the Spirit of Africa', Amarula has a creamy consistency and a very unique taste – it works well over crushed ice, with coffees, with desserts ... and with a variety of food items (as you'll discover at the Amarula pairing).

Amarula is great with crushed ice

The tasting costs just R25 and lasts about 15 minutes. For that price you get to enjoy a splash of Amarula together with fudge, biscotti and chocolates. If that's not enough for your sweet tooth, hang around the restaurant for a serving of Amarula cake and coffee for less than R50.

The Amarula Lapa doubles as a visitor centre and gives some insight into the heritage of the brand, as well as into the various communities who farm the marula fruit in order to make this delicious drink. Production tours take place between January and March, and are on offer to the public.

Amarula was voted one of the world's best liqueur brands by mixologists in a survey done by Drinks International magazine earlier this year.

The Amarula Lapa is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays and public holidays. Closed on Christmas, New Year and Good Friday.

For more information, call: + 27 (0)15 781 7766 or visit: www.amarula.co.za/home

The Amarula Lapa in Phalaborwa. All images courtesy of Distell

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