13 September 2011 by Chris Marais

All Aboard the HMS Moyses!

Like Willie Nelson, I ‘like the life I live - and I live the life I like’.

Occasionally, however, I come across a bloke who lives the kind of life I envy. Again, like Willie says, that kind of bloke does not tend to come from the legal, medical or accounting ranks. More often than not, he’s a bit of a cowboy out there on the edge of society.

So when I introduce you to my mate George Moyses, first let me set the scene.

George is a long-time diamond diver from Port Nolloth, up there on the far west coast where the Orange River has spilled a vast treasure house of well-worn stones into the Atlantic Ocean. George, who likes to go by the name of ‘One Time’ these days, has seen them come and go up there. He has seen the millions being made and the millions being lost - sometimes all in one day - out on the rough seas.

He lives in a rustic beach house near Port Nolloth, in a place called MacDougall’s Bay - but you could call it Paradise as well. Surrounded by rows of quite smart beach homes where the more respectable burghers live, George has managed to keep the naughty nautical ambience of his dwelling over the years.

He lives right on the beach, amidst a clutter of old buoys, lots of home-made signs and discarded boat rope. Look closely, however, and you’ll see he’s done a pretty good decor job of it all. Walking around his yard feels like walking around on the deck of diamond diving boat at the end of a long day at sea.

And now George has become something of a lifestyle spokesman for the diamond diving fraternity. He’s produced a series of videos about Port Nolloth, an old boat he once crewed on called The Bluesbreaker and about diamond dealing (the dodgy part) in general. In fact, if you were a stranger to the area and wanted a quick and lively introduction to the life in these parts, you could do worse than look George up. He’s right there on the beach, waiting for you…

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