15 August 2012 by Melanie-Ann Feris

A visit to the Salt Cave

Salt has been used as a natural remedy for respiratory ailments for decades. The Salt Cave in Johannesburg reproduces the microclimate conditions of a natural salt cave.

The Salt Cave uses the ancient knowledge of natural salt healing. Photos Melanie Feris

I’m always game to try something new, so when I got an invitation to visit a salt cave, I accepted.

I was expecting a long drive out of the city, and was surprised and a bit sceptical when we stopped outside an office block in the heart of Randburg, Johannesburg.

The floor of the cave is covered in salt.

The walls (I tasted when no one was looking) are covered with salt and the floor is a beach of white salt.

Once inside, though, we were shown through to the ‘cave’ – a room that has been converted into a cave. The walls (I tasted when no one was looking) are covered with salt and the floor is a beach of white salt.

The lights were dimmed and we were invited to lounge in the cave’s chairs, either reading or dozing, as the salt particles went about their business for the hour-long treatment.

With the sound of waves being piped into the room along with the ionised salt particles, I was, however, tempted to sit on the floor and build sand (salt) castles. 

I read up on the use of salt therapy and discovered that salt has been recognised as a natural remedy for centuries. Ancient Greeks knew the value of salt treatments. Greek philosopher Pythagoras said: 'Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea.'

In medieval times monks also took patients into natural salt caves to breathe in salt-saturated air, and in the 1800s a Polish doctor, Felix Boczkowski, who was based at a salt mine, wrote a book about the healing properties of salt after observing the low incidences of respiratory conditions in salt miners. 

The Salt Cave promises relief from all kinds of respiratory ailments. It has a separate treatment cave for children and babies.

Ten sessions are recommended and I will definitely be back.

The salt-covered walls.

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