01 February 2011 by Kate Turkington

A Monkey’s Wedding

In South Africa, we call simultaneous rain and sunshine ‘A Monkey’s Wedding’.

January this year has seen some of the heaviest and hardest rain we’ve had for decades, with places like Upington in the Northern Cape - an area that usually has very little rain - having devastating floods.

South Africa’s top weather scientists say, however, that it’s too soon to say if the culprit behind the cycles of droughts and floods is global warming.  What they do say is that we’ve just got to get used to it.

What all this means for people like me is that my pocket-handkerchief-sized garden is rapidly becoming a jungle.  My dogs, including Missy the formerly-abandoned Jack Russell/Fox terrier, are now hopeful of coming face-to-face with their deadly enemies the miniature daschunds next door, and are digging and tunnelling under the garden wall in mud, mud, glorious mud.

The bright side - literally - is that we keep seeing gorgeous rainbows.

And after all, we are known as the Rainbow Nation.

Category: Adventure

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