14 November 2013 by Lethabo-Thabo Royds

Awesome animal action in South Africa

South Africa has great wildlife, and what better way to celebrate it than to show you some animal action.

This male lesser masked weaver was photographed in the Kruger National Park gathering material to build its nest. Photo courtesy of Sheldrickfalls

The Love South Africa group on Flickr is constantly updated with fantastic images taken all over the country. Why not share your pictures, too?

Of all the great photos shared with our group last week, there were some great animal action pictures that we've decided to share on our blog.

If you want to see a furry fellow like the one pictured below, then head for Hout Bay in Cape Town and book a boat trip to nearby Duiker Island, where there is a huge colony of Cape fur seals. You can also see them in the harbour, where they have been known to beg for titbits from the local fishermen.

Photo courtesy of Kris, aka |kris|

This is a story many of us know well: after arriving at a bird hide in the Kruger National Park at the crack of dawn, Callie de Wet waited for more than two hours in the hopes of getting a picture of this goliath heron in action. Just as he decided to move to another spot, the bird caught a fish and his wife came running to tell him. 'Well, three seconds flat and I was back at my seat, with a very smug-looking goliath heron and no fish,' says Callie. Fortunately, he had as much patience as the bird and managed to bag this picture after another 90-minute wait. A morning well spent!

Photo courtesy of Callie de Wet, aka Wild Images

Wagtails get their name from their long, bobbing tails. We love this photograph of a young Cape wagtail, still more fluff than wag, with a look of bliss on its face as it basks in the sun.

Photo courtesy of Renier Siebrits

Pure bliss is a feeling that is not limited to birds. The hyena below was cooling off in a shallow pool of water in the Kruger National Park. Spring and summer in the Kruger can get really hot and humid so be sure to pack lots of sun lotion and a hat when you visit.

Photo courtesy of Piet Grobler

Of all the best animal moments, this one (also by our patient photographer, Callie de Wet) takes the cake. The title says it all: 'If I catch you ... you're elephant dung.' This is the second in a series of four incredible photos of young baboons playing around 'in a slight drizzle in the road' in the Kruger National Park.

Photo courtesy of Callie de Wet, aka Wild Images

Do you have some great experiences and photos of your time in South Africa? Share them with our Love South Africa Flickr group and your photo could feature on our weekly blog.

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