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A boat ride with the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board

If you’re visiting Durban, an unusual outing is an early-morning excursion to see the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board checking its nets off the bathing beaches of the city.


Alexandra township – a vibrancy that’s hard to beat

  • 01 May 2014 by Daphney Mngomeni

The next time you decide to try something new and different, why not go for a memorable township experience in the kasi (township) of all kasis: Alexandra.


Penguins in South Africa: Where to see them

Penguins have been inspiring films, documentaries, fashion, dances and much more for years – there is an undeniable fascination with these ungainly creatures, which is why World Penguin Day has become so significant.


Everything you ever wanted to know about the Kruger National Park in one helpful book

Over a million visitors go to the Kruger National Park every year (but don’t worry about crowds as the Kruger is the size of a small country like Israel or Wales, and there are strict limitations on visitor numbers). There’s a really helpful, user-friendly book, Kruger National Park – Questions & Answers, that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the park.


Hippos find New Holme in the Karoo

  • 22 April 2014 by Tara Turkington

More than 200 years after they were shot out by hunters in the 1770s, hippos are again wallowing in deep waterholes in the Karoo’s Seekoei River.


The Kruger National Park in less than 36 hours

  • 14 April 2014 by Cassidy Parker

A quick visit to the Kruger National Park may sound impossible – but it isn’t. In fact, it can be done with only a little forward planning. So book a night’s accommodation, hire a car, pack some padkos, and hit the road.


Abundant butterflies

Somewhere along the 5km Blue Route, one of the short hikes at Franklyn Park near Kampersrus, we stopped at the edge of a stream to cool down and enjoy the scenery. We weren’t alone – there were dozens of butterflies flitting over the water, alighting on plants and resting on cool patches of damp soil.


Snapshots of Mpumalanga

  • 04 April 2014 by Melanie-Ann Feris

Mpumalanga is one of the most interesting parts of South Africa to visit. There’s plenty to see and do. Here are just a few suggestions ...


Wakkerstroom – it's for the birds

A pair of grey crowned cranes flew low over the road in front of us; flocks of Amur falcons perched on the power lines; and parties of enigmatic pied starlings gathered on roof tops. This was our welcome to the little town of Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga, an essential stop for anyone serious (or even not so serious) about birdwatching in South Africa.


​The little secrets of the African bushveld

  • 25 March 2014 by Colin Ford

Granted, spotting a leopard on a game drive is always a massive thrill. And getting up close and personal with an elephant will take your breath away, every time. But the African bushveld has many fascinating little secrets that exist alongside the Big Five, which can make any game drive interesting, even if you don’t spot a fresh kill.