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Raise your glass to South African brandy – the world’s best on the R62

  • 27 May 2016

If you mosey on down the R62 in the Western Cape, you’ll discover a world of deliciousness that can only be found in this corner of the country. It’s called the Brandy Route and on the way you will stop by a few small towns that produce the world’s best brandy.


Green, Lush and Delicious: The Other, Other Kalahari.

  • 19 May 2016 by Andrew Pearson

Yes, you read that right. It’s not all red rocks and burning sands in the Kalahari. In fact, foodies rejoice: it’s very far from dry and arid…


Small towns, big hearts – Kimberley

  • 17 May 2016 by Warren Raaff

Look back at South African history and you’ll know that this country’s foundations were built upon mining… diamond mining in particular. It was in the 1870s that the famous diamond rush began. It didn’t take long before a bustling town was born. That town was Kimberly – a bastion of South African history. But what does it look like today?


Treasures of the R27 - The West Coast Way

  • 14 April 2016 by Warren Raaff

Travel up the four routes of the west coast and discover something new along the way.


Tankwa Camino - Testing Mind, body and soul

  • 29 March 2016 by Suzanne Rose

The Tankwa Camino in the vast Karoo is a tough but beautiful hike, which will test every muscle in your body as well as your determination.


More than meets the eye

  • 07 March 2016 by Suzanne Rose

Table Mountain National Park is not only a great place for hikes and photography, it’s sacred too. There are places on the National Park where rock formations are coincidentally carved and packed, allowing for natural phenomena to occur.


Discover beautiful Mpumalanga on the Panorama Route

  • 25 February 2016 by Warren Raaff

Canyons, vistas, waterfalls, history - Mpumalanga’s Panorama Route has it all. If you’re looking for magic then there’s no better place to be.


Can you handle being off the Grid?

  • 23 February 2016 by Suzanne Rose

We have just the info you need to, “step away from the phone”, with this article by Getaway.


Top 10 backpacker lodges in the Eastern Cape

  • 08 February 2016 by Warren Raaff

If you’re looking to backpack in the Eastern Cape, one of these ten places should definitely be on your list.


Holiday Planning

  • 26 January 2016 by Suzanne Rose

An article written by Teagan Cunniffe for Getaway, “30 wonderful South African holiday destinations you need to visit in 2016”, will get you planning in no time.