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Magical McGregor – a highlander's paradise

  • 30 June 2015 by Roseanna McBain

The sun slipping from a golden-hued valley, rose-ringed wine farms, organic goods made with love, and tangible local pride are all characteristics of the town of McGregor, found just off of the popular wine route of Route 62 in the Western Cape.


Fresh oysters, sushi and champagne at the Oyster Bar

  • 29 June 2015 by Christine Marot

Try the Oyster Bar at the popular Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga. Open from 7am to 11pm, the bar lends itself to teas with freshly baked scones during the daylight hours and post-work drinks or pre-dinner sundowners in the evening.


Something saucy at Mzoli's

  • 29 June 2015 by Lynnette Johns

Secret spices, sauces, freshly braaied (barbecued) meat, music and crowds of people all come together at Mzoli’s Meat for an unforgettable experience.


Up close and personal at the Clarens Brewery

The exceptional beers and ciders that it has been brewing for close on 10 years have made it a landmark on the craft beer map, and no time spent in Clarens is complete without a visit to the Clarens Brewery.


#TravelChatSA raises a glass to local craft

  • 25 June 2015 by Thrishni Subramoney

Local “craft” no longer just refers to those souvenirs and ornaments you pick up on your travels. The unique beers and wines being “crafted” across South Africa have also become a part of this country’s offering.


Slow down to make the most of Old Town Italy

  • 24 June 2015 by Christine Marot

Old Town Italy in Umhlanga is a showcase of passionate people and quality Italian foods and products, all under one roof where you can eat, shop and learn.


Food and fruit at Babylonstoren’s farm garden

  • 23 June 2015 by Kate Rau

Guava trees – some over 70 years old – line the avenues that lead into Babylonstoren’s food and flower garden. Dripping with yellow and green fruit, the trees are just one of many collections that have taken root in this growers’ paradise.


Suncoast Towers: luxury accommodation on Durban’s shoreline

You won’t find luxury accommodation closer to the ocean along Durban’s Golden Mile than at the Suncoast Towers.


Going Dutch in Umhlanga is a whole new concept

The Dutch bar and lounge, an old-school jazz, blues and rock club, features a wide range of live music from the 1930s to the 1970s.


#TravelChatSA talks food and wine routes

  • 18 June 2015 by Thrishni Subramoney

Where are South Africa’s best food and wine routes? The country’s travel twitterati weighed in on the discussion in last night’s #TravelChatSA.