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Nostalgia Station

  • 18 January 2016

Take a laid back journey by rail and see South Africa through a different window. Here are some of the best scenic train trips the country has to offer.


Know your province

  • 18 January 2016 by Suzanne Rose

South Africa is divided into 9 provinces, all equally beautiful. This may help you when next you plan a trip around South Africa.


Best things in life are free…so they say!

  • 15 January 2016 by Suzanne Rose

If you looking for fun but cost effective activities that suit your whole family or your friends, we have a list just for you.


Pretty as a picture

  • 15 January 2016 by Suzanne Rose

South Africa has some of the best small quaint with interesting history, beautiful buildings and charming restaurants. We have found our top 10 favourite!


Learn the Lingo

  • 14 January 2016 by Suzanne Rose

South African have some unique and humerous words to describe things. If you are travelling to South Africa any time soon, it may be helpful to know some, otherwise just take a look at some of these and enjoy the humour behind the way we speak.


Jozi Gems

  • 13 January 2016 by Suzanne Rose

Art galleries, rooftop bars and tours on a bike, Johannesburg has it all and so much more. Whether you live here, stopping over for a business trip or on holiday make sure to read this article and visit one of Johannesburg’s gems.


Botanical Bliss

  • 21 December 2015 by Suzanne Rose

In South Africa we take great pride in keeping our botanical gardens clean, beautiful and of course indigenous. Enjoy the botanical garden in your province this holiday.


Summer fun with your kids in Port Elizabeth

  • 14 December 2015

As a family holiday destination, Port Elizabeth has many attractions and activities for children. Here are a few you may not have thought about yet.


Just driving through…quick Garden Route stops

  • 08 December 2015 by Suzanne Rose

If you are lucky enough to be driving through this area this festive season, make sure to not only take in the incredible scenery but to also make a few stops along the way.


Dolphin and penguin cruises in PE!

  • 03 December 2015 by Suzanne Rose

Take the opportunity to enjoy a fun and educational trip with your family this festive season.