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Road tripping over mountain passes

  • 10 December 2015 by Suzanne Rose

Take the mountain pass less travelled for some thrilling driving and magnificent views.


Let’s travel to Kosi Bay, KZN!

  • 09 December 2015 by Suzanne Rose

Having never seen the sea before, this special family expressed a desire to go to KZN, Kosi Bay.


Let’s travel to Sutherland, Northern Cape

  • 08 December 2015 by Suzanne Rose

The long scenic route to the Northern Cape was something that Devin was really looking forward to experiencing.


Dolphin and penguin cruises in PE!

  • 03 December 2015 by Suzanne Rose

Take the opportunity to enjoy a fun and educational trip with your family this festive season.


Capturing South Africa, one blog at a time!

  • 12 November 2015 by Suzanne Rose

You have met the bloggers, now it’s time to find out what they’ve been up to while travelling across South Africa.


Meet the Bloggers!

  • 11 November 2015 by Suzanne Rose

Follow four American bloggers as they journey across the country for what is surely going to be an unforgettable trip. From Johannesburg, all the way down the coast to Cape Town, they’ll be capturing what makes South Africa a truly sought after travel destination.


Cape Town featured in the New York Times!

  • 10 November 2015

An article called “36 Hours in Cape Town” was recently published in The New York Times, highlighting amazing Cape Town attractions and things to do and see if you only had 36 hours in the city. Full of handy tips and insights, anyone reading this article would want to head to Cape Town for a holiday.



6 hiking trails in North West province

The terrain of North West province is characterised by flat areas with scattered trees and grassland, along with the Magaliesberg mountain range in the north-east and the Vaal River bordering the south. This unique environment offers hikers a wide a choice of short and long trails.


See South Africa at a leisurely pace – on a Vespa

  • 17 September 2015 by Willem Steenkamp

You get scooter riders, and then you get Vespa riders – the people who’ll take their beloved machines anywhere. And in South Africa, that’s a lot of places.


Things to do in moer & gone places

“Moer and gone” is a South African colloquial expression meaning “very far away”. But the tempting destinations in the lavishly illustrated user-friendly book, Things to do in moer & gone places, are not always very far away in geographical terms – they’re just places, often off the beaten track, that will entice you to visit some of South Africa’s less well-known areas.