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Faces of Tourism: meet Centurion's answer to Spider-Man

  • 06 April 2015 by Thrishni Subramoney

You may love South Africa’s wildlife and scenery, but it’s the people you meet on your travels here who will make the difference between a good holiday and a great one.


Mountains of South Africa

  • 05 April 2015 by Sarah Came

South Africa is known for its diverse wildlife, unique cultures and scenic beauty. Along with our open plains, rugged bush and expansive beaches, there are also some spectacular mountain views.


South Africa ... from space

Ever since humans have been going into space, they delighted us with fascinating new perspectives of our own planet.


Activities in Durban for R100 or less

  • 20 March 2015 by Lauren Morling

Here are some great options to keep you occupied in Durban that won’t break the bank.


6 sky-based adventures in KwaZulu-Natal

  • 18 March 2015 by Christine Marot

From paragliding to skydiving, microlighting to hot-air ballooning and more, there are a good half-dozen different ways of enjoying the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal sky.


10 great quad-biking spots in South Africa

  • 17 March 2015 by Sarah Came

Quad bikes, or all-terrain vehicles, are a great mode of transport for doing


Go zorbing in Durban

  • 10 March 2015 by Christine Marot

Picture this ... a massive transparent plastic ball with you and your bestie inside, rolling downhill for 120m. If it sounds like your idea of fun, then head for Cliffdale in Durban, where more than one Groovy Balls zorbing adventure awaits.


Sani Pass: rugged beauty in no man's land

  • 09 March 2015 by Carina van Wyk

The Sani Pass literally lies in no man’s land between South Africa and Lesotho, close to the KwaZulu-Natal town of Himeville. With reports that it’s going to be tarred soon, 4x4 enthusiasts from across the country have been flocking to the untouched landscape to ascend this extremely challenging mountain pass.


Hello Parys

Just over 100km from Johannesburg, the charming town of Parys in the Free State draws adventure enthusiasts, eclectic crowds of artists and craftsmen, and those looking for peace and tranquility.


Enjoy a family outing in Cape Town

  • 21 February 2015 by Lynnette Johns

See the fish, marvel at the views, go tenpin bowling, or try tobogganing – all in one of the most amazing cities in the world.