19 November 2012 by Chris Marais

The rush of Route 62

Route 62 is a classic road trip between the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape. Do it in a day or spend a week – there are adventures around every corner.

Get your kicks – on Route 62...

The rush of Route 62 is that there is no rush at all. It’s just a long meander between the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape for those who truly love a road trip.

If there’s a designated driver about, then snag him/her immediately. Which means that you, the newly designated passenger, can afford to spend a couple of hours over a beer or two at Ronnie’s Sex Shop outside Barrydale.

Here’s a guy who decided to retire from a life at sea, who wanted to live out his days on a patch of Little Karoo farmland and flog a veggie or two to passers-by from a shop simply called Ronnie’s Shop.

A mate slips the word ‘sex’ between ‘Ronnie’s’ and ‘Shop’ and the next thing you know, people are lining up to buy frilly things out here…

Then a mate slips the word ‘sex’ between ‘Ronnie’s’ and ‘Shop’ and the next thing you know, people are lining up to buy frilly things out here – things that would make the meerkats blush.

Pretty soon someone said whaddabout a beer, and so Ronnie Price got a liquor licence. Now everyone stops there for beer, carrot cake, some special Ronnie humour and an apron advertising Ronnie’s Sex Shop.

It is said that Route 62 is the longest wine route in the world. But there’s more to it than the booze, I say.

Just take a look around as you drive through the valleys, and rather drink in the sight of magnificent Cape folded mountains towering above you. Make a point of popping into the farm stalls in and around the little towns en route, try the good coffee, biltong and jams and, if you can, set aside 3 days for your journey.

The list of options is long. There are horses and the occasional ostrich to be ridden, crocodiles to be visited (with you in a submerged cage), hills to be climbed, and country art galleries to be snooped around.

If you have the time, try some of the many mountain passes on either side of Route 62 for an overhead view of one of South Africa’s most scenic assets.

And don’t forget to give my regards to Uncle Ronnie...

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