11 May 2014 by Kate Els

A final day to #MeetSouthAfrica

Our #MeetSouthAfrica bloggers enjoyed their last day wandering the city centre and local markets of Durban.

The crowd gathered for the Durban #MeetSouthAfrica Instawalk. Image by Kate Els

As the sun dawned in Durban on Friday, our #MeetSouthAfrica bloggers prepped themselves for an early Instawalk through the city’s markets and the CBD. Using public transport, the group checked out the local markets as well as City Hall and the Emmanuel Cathedral. Afterwards, the group headed to lunch at  Ciao Bella Cafe.

As the day wound down, our blogging superstars were joined by local travel trade ahead of INDABA 2014 at the  #MeetSouthAfrica bloggers' cocktail event.

The winners of our #MeetSouthAfrica Instagram competition were also announced at the event. Congratulations to  @shesaidsa@asterixorobelix and @unclescrooch.

To meet the bloggers who took part in #MeetSouthAfrica, check out our three-part series –  Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

To relive the campaign, in addition to following the hashtag, you can join us on  Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

South African Tourism first instituted its #MeetSouthAfrica bloggers’ campaign in 2013, with the aim of opening up a new form of communication with potential travellers looking for their next holiday destination. The campaign saw over 219-million impressions of the hashtag across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. For more information on the trip,  click here.

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